Guarantor- have been asked to provide evidence of income and am concerned around fraud

I want to know what security I has as a guarantor that my bank details will be kept secure.

I have been asked to login to my banking so I can evidence my income etc. I have concerns around online fraud and my bank details being shared/stored/available for third parties to see.

Whah security do I have as a guarantor?

Asked to log into your banking? The landlord has requested that you provide bank statements?

Have you spoke with landlord?

You could meet landlord in person to show them and sign the contract. The contract will need witnessing if done properly.

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Apologies- I have been asked to input my details through my guarantor Open Rent account so that the checks can be completed.

So I have been directed to ‘Please select the bank that your income is paid into from the list below’ and then the next steps are for me to log into my account.

I am concerned about inputting my details and these been shared/stored. I am worried about fraud and want some assurance that it is safe to input my serials

Well every tenant does it when they do reference, it is open banking, one sign in to provide all your banking information, but I am sure they need further information to just alter your bank account

I never do internet banking so understand this concern . if i needed a tenants bank statement I will ask to see the original in their hand

Its Open Banking. Modern, and I’m confident there are safeguards on the use and access. See for more information

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