Do all tenants need to be named on the contract

Hi, one of my prospective tenants has failed the referencing check because she is unemployed, however, her husband has passed his. Can I just have one named tenant on the contract to avoid getting a guarantor (their preference) or is this a legal problem/affect rent guarantee?

Hi, yes you need to name them both on the contract really. There’s some info about this here under the 2nd heading:

It might be worth checking the referencing agency has assessed the 2 of them as a joint application - that can sometimes work where 1 person is the main/sole earner. Couldn’t say for certain though.

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Why do they want to avoid a gurrantor is a question I would ask

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They both need naming. Why can’t the husband be her guarantor? If he is solely paying rent it would make sense.

Having an unnamed tenant living in the property with or without permission is a risk to both you and the tenant. Liability for damage, non payment of rent etc is ‘joint and seceral’ across all ‘named’ tenants. If any damage is done, he simply says ‘she did it’, also if the relationship breaks down and damage is done he is left holding the bill.
So NO…

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Hi everybody, thank you for your replies. Colin; it was more about speeding up the process, I know the husband and trust there is nothing to hide. Tracy; I think the referencing process prevents the lead tenant from being the second tenants guarantor (I think). Mark; I have named them both.
The problem was that the wife is studying whilst being the a stay at home parent. I have accepted them as they are now though. Thanks again.

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