Guarantors enquiry

I am UC and other benefits trying to relocate back to Wallasey Wirral have deposit and Months rent up front and reference no rent arrears I have a strict routine every month when i get my benefits got evidence of my outgoings my struggle is how am i to get a guarantor when my ex partner has violated family and friends around me? Please any landlord out there that can answer this I just want a quiet little flat so I can rebuild my life again

There are guarantor service providers. I have no experience of them but I am aware they exist.

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Your landlord may not require one as you are on UC.

It depends on their perception of your reason for being on UC, and their past experience.

Don’t worry about that: your biggest problem is finding a good landlord to grant you a tenancy, because most don’t accept UChelped people.

Good luck.

Thank you for replyingkind regards karen

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