What are landlords views on Guarantor Services like housing hand?

After renting for 5 years we need to move city to help my husband’s ageing parents more.

A lot has changed on the rental market and I see more and more ads pointing out the need for a guarantor.

There is no lack of people in our lives but both of our families are very small (basically just parents) - and extended family is not very close. My parents live in Germany so couldn’t act as guarantors and my husband’s parents are retired homeowners. I have heard that many landlords now only accept working guarantors.

I never even ask friends to lend me money let alone acting as a guarantor, so the only people we would consider asking are my husband’s parents.

But in case they don’t get accepted because they are retired, what are
LL’s opinions on Guarantor Services like Housing Hand? I have never used them before so was wondering if they would be acceptable to a prospective landlord?

Thanks for your feedback


I have never used a guarantor service and have a strong preference for a personal guarantor as this shows that those close to you trust you to meet your commitments and tenants are far less likely to not pay if their family has to pick up the bill. Each landlords requirements for a guarantor is likely to be different. Personally it depends on the tenant, if they are close to meeting requirements without a guarantor but I just need a bit more security to agree the tenancy then your husband’s parents are likely to be fine as homeowners assuming they have reasonable pension income or savings.

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