Help?! Extended absence, temp tenants

Hi All

Please help with advice

I’ve tenants moved in end Dec.

On the face of it they are perfect tenants. They’ve paid 6mths upfront + deposit.

Last week they told me they’re going overseas for 12 weeks volunteering.

I’ve no problem with this. I live close by and can keep an eye on the property.

They’ve asked if they can have friends stay for 6 weeks of the 12. They said they will remain responsible for everything as per our Agreement. They are not subletting.

I’m cool with it as a concept BUT do I need to be legally aware of anything - or does this put me at risk?

Thank you for your help

I would not be happy with that unless you do a credit check . But at least they asked you

Thanks Colin.

What would you be searching for in the cc?

Rent is paid upfront already: just interested what else I might find that may alter decision?

Thanks again

if the temporary people had a ccj against them I would not let them in my place. What would you do if they refuse to move out? Out of curiosity. what is the voluntary work they are going out to do? My daughter is doing the same in March to Africa