Any advice: International tenants

Hi Openrent community,

I’m looking for your opinions on an international couple who have placed an offer on my rental property.

The couple:

  • Have recently moved to the UK and have no prior background
  • Are currently living in temporary accommodation
  • Have migrated for work as auditors; one of which has just begun working (22 January) and the other is scheduled to start soon (5th February)

Tenant #1: Lead tenant

  • Begun work on the 22nd of January. They provided an ‘Offer of Employment’ and a background check through Homelet confirmed their employment
  • “Acceptable” status under Homelet’s criteria

Tenant #2

  • Scheduled to start on 5th February. They provided a screenshot of a Job Offer email
  • “Acceptable” status under Homelet’s criteria on the condition of the lead tenant

I’m concerned about:

  • The lack of history, though this is out of their control as they are coming from abroad
  • Probationary periods

I will be following up with the agent requesting:

  • Tenant #2: Contract of employment

Short of meeting the prospective tenants, is there anything I should ask the agent that I may have missed?

I’m considering asking (via the agent) for several months’ rent in advance. Am I being extra cautious here?

Keen to get your opinions.

Thanks in advance!

When I consider TT like this, I always ask for 6 months’ rent in advance due to higher risk.

Basically, you roll a dice because you can’t make an informed decision. It may turn out well or it may not. Responsible TT understand this and always save money for relocation for the first few months. Always. If they don’t have any savings, I consider it irresponsible and refuse to rent to them.


Just to add, that’s why we refused to rent to a highly paid IT professional from another country. A higher earner that he was, he couldn’t pay more than the first month rent.


This type of prrson has been my bread and butter tenants for the last 10 years. Profesaional, good earners, expecting good standard accommodation and know how to look after it, always opt for professional cleaning at the end. Never had a problem. Never required a guarantor or advance rent. I do have lengthy conversations with them before offering though.

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1 - Get a copy of their contract of employment and read the term / period, as they might be granted a fix term to work in the UK.

2 - As they are auditors. Get their registration numbers and check their details with the institute of accountants , usually ACA or ACCA (check the web)

3 - If they are in the UK as auditors from abroad, I would imagine their pay will be higher thank 80K. So ask for 6 months in advance.

I hope that helps.