Help Needed - Please respond

Im currently in the process of waiting for my new landlord to get the go ahead from his solicitor basically hes just bought a new property in January. and due to the corona virus its put a massive downer on it. He got the go ahead from the Mortgage last week but the solicitor is taking a lot longer then we all anticipated.

The landlord has told him to hurry up because knowing my luck we will get the all clear then the estate agents will close again for another UK outbreak of the virus. Typically my luck. Just seems like nothing is going right.

From what the landlord is saying there taking longer because the longer they take the more money they earn but surely this cant be true?

Anyone know how long it will take the solicitor to complete all this? then give us a completion date?


Seems like an incredibly long time. January and Lockdown 23rd March. You have thought a couple of months was more than enough. Others might be more in the know.
Is this still the place with the garden where you were unsure of who had use ?

yes mate :slight_smile: no idea what to do

Not much to offer, but maybe tell the landlord via email you need some definite answers or else you will have to look elsewhere as you really need to fix up. What were they doing for the two months from Jan to March?
Would have thought the solicitor would have been quicker for a BTL mortgage as they know a LL wants to get going and is losing an income.
Have you got a definite offer of a tenancy?

Usually a fixed price quoted for conveyancing.
Just wondering if the landlord has changed his mind about renting and rather than say is hoping you will get fed up and go elsewhere? All sounds so up in the air.

from the landlord has said hes giving it us but he needs to go via estate agent due to he lives abroad

I see. That probably doesn’t help if he’s not in the country. Solicitor probably dragging his feet in favour of someone else who’s shouting louder.

the landlord has lost bout 6k in revenue

so hes a bit annoyed because me my fiance and little girl are suppose to b moving in asap she lives in luton with her 82 years nan and our 2 year old daughter who ive not seen in 4 months

Tell him you need a definite date or you will be forced look elsewhere?

no were else will accept us due to our situation

Okay. You are having a really tough time. Horrible not seeing your daughter. Wish I could be of more help. Guess all you can do is keep pushing and keep an eye out for anything else however remote. We have let three lots of tenants in without all boxes ticked.

When u say u have rented to people who didnt tick all boxes what do you mean?

My situation is this.

I dont have a Guarntore
I dont have good credit because my ex got me in a lot of debt. which im paying off.

I do have references from 1) Police officers 2) Ex employers and 3) Personal References.
I do have the month deposit and bond ready to go.
My dad is a Qualified decorator and hes decorated the landlords properties on more then one occasion. So thats one of the reasons hes offered us the place
We will be on DSS but i will be going back to work very soon.

Just hate it becauxe all i wanna do is protect my family but this lockdown + this situation where my partners family hate me because im taking there daughter away and granddaugter even tho they called social services on my partner for no reason then claimed it was a false accusation i just dont know what to do anymore.

Where is the general area of the place you are hoping to get?
Did you say on your last post you were in Manchester area? ( Just from memory)
Maybe someone on here will see it?
Am feeling frustrated for you and obviously know that doesn’t come anywhere near close to how you are feeling. Something very wrong with the system when people can’t get a roof over their heads.

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Worst thing is we even tried the council and because my partner lives in Luton they won’t offer us anywhere they said that her and our daughter would need to go back to Luton my girlfriends daughter isn’t mine we got together just after she gave birth so been there from a month after just give up tbh and yeah Manchester would I be able to msg you

We let two sets of tenants from abroad in. Checked they had the right to rent but they didn’t have references or guarantors. One set did pay three months rent upfront but we trusted they would get work which they did. Third couple had references but had defaulted on rent in previous tenancy, although we did feel pressured to let them in as they gave up their existing tenancy whilst referencing still going through.
We only have the one place and have tenants at the moment and we aren’t in Manchester or Luton so don’t know if I could be of much use sadly, but you are welcome to message.
The council keep a register of landlords which accept HB (or they do in my area). Really good you are willing to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, as not all do.

Sadly I lost my son at 6 months old to menanjitus which really broke me but had to deal with it but yeah where do you live etc and u got any plans to buy anymore properties

Not just that me and my partner are constantly arguing cos she lives with her nan who constantly makes her life hell. constantly saying to our little girl that were stopping her from seing her nan when its not that at all

So were constantly fighting because i cant do anything. im trying i really am but as a fiance i feel like im failing them and im sure if u have kids // partner you would understand that the thought of failing them is the worst feeling in the world.

im at breaking point right now and dont know where to turn :frowning:

I have the money + References from my family her ex employer and a police officer but i just dont know what to do