Need urgent advice

Hi my flatshare property was half empty because of a problematic tenant. I gave notice to her and put the whole property on market before corona virus .
Two friends put an offer and signed the contract but just paid half of deposit and now after lockdown every day calling me and upseting me .I agree one week delay in moving in but again they changed their mind. The property is empty and they do not have more than 2 luggages to move in.I do not have any income for few months now and my bank does not offer mortgage holiday. If they pullout will openrent return their half deposit to them ?are they liable for rent?

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you can not legally evict any tenant no matter what at present, even if they stop paying rent etc so your options are simple;

  1. Pay them cash to go quick.
  2. Bend over and wait for months maybe before being able to legally evict them.

Hi Andrew

Thanks for your email.Luckily she left the house.The problem is new tenant does not want to pay the rest of deposit and move in. Every day she has an excuse , my salary has not arrived , what about lockdown, send me the inventory, sent me a video of every corner of flat, how do I know the property does not need repair.I can not eat or sleep because of the anxiety th.If it was normal situation I will pull out and put back the property in the market. But I can not pay mortgage if this situation will last 6 months.

be glad the old tenant has left. Forget the one making excuses . re market it

I Would do as Colin advises.
Furthermore don’t forget the rules, you seem to be allowing a little bit of panic to cloud your vision as you should not be panicked about getting a bad tenant in just to receive money to pay a mortgage otherwise things will go very wrong very quick and you’re more likely than not end up with a tenant and no rent and lots of paperwork and hassle as well as not being able to pay your mortgage that’s not to mention damages.

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What Andrew said is very true Dont panic You do not want a bad tenant re advertise ,reduce rent if you have to. Owt is better than Nowt.