Help Needed - Possible Eviction

Hello, first of all I hope this is the right place to come.
I am in need of some advise.

I am currently private renting under an assured shorthold tenancy. I have been in since December 2018 and renewed the contract in June to last until December 2019.

I owe my Landlord £200.
It started when my mothers wife had a heart attack so I had to book a last minute flight for my wife to travel and visit her mother.
Landlord was initially okay with this.

Now his tune has changed.
He is making bizarre statements that I now owe him £980 despite me checking my bank statements to find I actually owe just £200. (Rent is £430 per month, paid on the last day of each month).

He sent me a text message that he wants us out by 15th September (He sent me this message today (01/09/2019).
So I have not had any written confirmation or any proper steps saying we have to be out by so and so.

I am full time working.
My wife is a full time Mother who is also 7 months pregnant.

What can I do?
Thank You.

You cannot be kicked out at such short notice. check your contract with him to see what notice he has to give you. Go to the C A B tomorrow.

What about a section 8 notice?
We have not been issued one. Just did some research and found out about it.

The contract is basically a template printed off the internet. No terms or conditions are on it relating to arrears.
I can upload a copy if needed,

contract off the internet is o.k. But you have a contract to the end of the year I suggest you find the £200 and pay it . You cannot be removed without a court order , whether its a section 8 or 21

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I will have the £200 on Thursday as that is when I get paid.
That will clear the arrears thus meaning he can’t evict me?

However he has still said he wants us out.

I am not an expert. You need the C A B . paying the debt will help your case… Go to the CAB

Hi John, I’d recommend getting legal advice, too.

In general, it sounds like you have a fixed term until December this year. It will not, for practical reasons to do with notices periods and slow court processing, be possible to evict you before then.

To begin the eviction process, the landlord has to validly serve an eviction notice. There are two kinds. The first is Section 21 can only be used once the fixed term has expired - i.e. after December in your case.

The second is Section 8. To use this, certain grounds must exist. Rent arrears are one such ground, but if you pay off the arrears before the case gets to court, then the court will usually not issue a repossession order.

This is all very stressful, and am sorry to hear you’re going through it while expecting a new baby.

Citizens Advice should be able to help with the particulars of your case.


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Citizens Advice or the Council is the place you should be going for this, Not online forums ( No disrespect meant here to Open rent, or other forums )

I have been to the council. All they say is once we are actually homeless, then they can do something.

My LL issued an eviction notice, little does he know that he printed off one from the Australian Gov Website, which has different laws and Acts from the UK.

So, officially. There has been no “proper” notice given.

I am looking elsewhere to live.

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Printing one off from the australian system tells us all we need to know about that landlord !!

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