Help needed with application question

I am in the process of completing a NRLA tenancy application form. The property concerned does not become available until next month and these are the 4 items which are giving me a headache. (P.4).

Preferred tenancy start date… Rental Period…

Preferred duration of tenancy… Rental Amount…

Not quite certain what is required here. Preferred start date is fine, but other than that I’m confused. Any help appreciated.

Are you lookjng for short term medium term or long term accommodation? Enter that.

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Thanks for that, David. Simple when you know how!

Hi Eric, for info, the NRLA also have a separate instruction guide next to their AST’s online, for guidance in completing it.

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Thanks, Sue. All done and dusted, now. Sorry, couldn’t locate your guide as I’m not very au faix with landlord speak. What is an AST and how do I locate them?

Hi Eric, my apologies - I misinterpreted your question, thinking you were the landlord, and you were an NRLA member (:slight_smile: - looks like you’re the tenant. AST = Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the standard type for most folk.

Thanks for that, Sue. Much appreciated.

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