HMO Charge from Landlord - is this legal?

Hi there,

I recently left a tenancy with a student landlord company in Leeds and we have just had the list of property charges back from the end of tenancy. Amongst them is an ‘HMO Charge’ (£20 each, houseshare of 5) but with no further explanation. I assume this stands for ‘House of Multiple Occupancy’ but I do not know why we have been charged this. I have emailed the landlord for clarification but no reply so far.

Does anyone know what this charge is for and whether it is still legal to charge for something like this after the 2019 Tenants Rights Act?

Thank you!

Hi Elizabeth, I would recommend looking through your tenancy agreement and seeing if this £20 charge is described in any of the terms. If it is not, then you can say that you are not paying.

The worst the landlord could do here is threaten/attempt to take the £20 from your tenancy deposit, but you can easily challenge that using the deposit scheme’s independent dispute resolution service. If it the charge isn’t included in he the tenancy agreement then the scheme should rule in your favour.

Let me know how you get on or if you have any more questions!