HMO for joint tenancy

Hi Landlords,

I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience of letting one property jointly to more than two tenants i.e. have a single AST for the whole property where all tenants are jointly liable for the rent etc.

Does this form an HMO? What additional responsibilities would a landlord have here?


I have recently let a 3 bed house to three over seas medical students, I have copy’s of all there passports and they are all named on the tenancy agreement. I have also took a deposit equal to one months rent, I have also informed them that if one leaves the full monthly rent is still liable as is set out in my self made tenancy agreement.

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Thanks for sharing this. My question was more from the prospective of if we as landlords need to do anything additional as letting to two or more unrelated people makes the property an HMO. I mean in terms of maintenance of the property, other legal obligations etc? If you have any experience or suggestions on that, that would be highly appreciated.

Hi Schyok
All houses that are rented to 3 and more that share bathroom and kitchen facilities need a licence obtained from your local authority. There are certain conditions that you need to meet that the council will outline to you or should. If you don’t get a licence you are liable to get prosecuted. You can check this out on the Government website for ‘houses in multiple occupation’ it out lines everything you need to know.

Hi my previous post should of read ‘renting to 3 or more unrelated people.’