Holding Deposit made without Viewing

Having listed my property at 7am yesterday I had approx 11 responses for viewing by 10am.
I use the auto-response with a list of Qs so that I can decide who I wish to arrange viewing with.
One first time renter (seems in a panic to find somewhere) moved directly to placing a Holding Desposit.

  1. If I accept I believe my listing stops (advert removed or status as Deposit taken) I DO NOT wish to do this
  2. If I Reject the Holding Deposit - what happens ?
    Does the Holding Deposit Rejection also reject the enquiry.
    I want to move this person back one step to arrange viewing.

My apologies if this has already been asked/answered before (have looked on forum but not quite got my answer) - grateful if I can be provided with a link to article.

Thanking You in Advance

I was told many years ago as a novice landlord then … Be careful of someone who wants to move very quickly


@Colin3 - I agree - Rejected their Holding Deposit but unable to Reject their application.

Hi Vijai

If you click under the applicants who have enquired then
Go under manage this Applicant and you can reject the applicant.

All the best

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I had that happen recently, where someone placed a deposit before they had even seen the property. I sent an email via Openrent thanking them for placing the deposit, but that I would ask OpenRent to return the deposit (which I did) as it would be very unfair to the them as well as the other prospective tenants (I had about 40 enquiries by then) if I did not give everyone including them a fair chance of being the right tenant for the property. .


You can send a message to the applicant that you wish to follow the process in the correct order and therefore would need to reject the holding deposit which he or she can pay once viewing has been conducted and they are happy to proceed. You must also obtain consent for their information to be shared for reference, credit checks, utilities, serve a draft Assured shorthold tenancy agreement and agree that the application would complete within 14 days + 1 or agree an extension if required. Provided an EPC, CP12, NICEIC and provided the applicant with all the relevant information about the holding deposit and why it may not be refundable with the 7 days notice etc. Once all agreed, you can request the holding deposit (stating the specific amount ) which will be offset against the total 5 weeks deposit balance . If you miss the correct procedure you would not be able to withhold the deposit

I’ve never understood why Openrent offer this option at this stage of an enquiry. No sensible landlord would accept a holding deposit on someone at this point. Could anyone from Openrent enlighten us?


Reject, run away from this applicant. Desperation is a sign of someone looking for a vulnerable landlord that appears equally desperate. Last time I had this I discovered the applicant was looking to set up a drug farm. No way. I wouldn’t even meet the person. We’re in a housing crisis, there’s lots more good people out there that genuinely want to live in your property. Tenant selection is a huge factor in choosing who you trust to keep the place nice & pay as you expect.


Best way is to get the holding deposit off them directly, if they fail you keep the deposit. Less complication and drama


Only if you can show that they have given you false or misleading information. You can just keep it if they fail referencing.

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I have had the same drug farm applicants previously, however I would disagree with the ditch and block approach. Would you believe, they turned up to view 2 different properties of mine, a year or so apart, and even asked where the mains power switch was located.

My agent just signed up a tenant who was desperate, having been let down in previous applications, and /or pipped at the post, and was needing accommodation to move into the area for their new job.

We insisted she view the property first, and provided a video viewing, and an in depth telephone conversation, to help out, as she was afraid of missing out again. Fingers crossed it all works out.

We never use Openrent beyond the marketing process, so always reject the rent now deposits, and handle that process ourselves. I agree with David 122, it’s not the way to conduct business IMHO. I don’t want my properties taking off marketing until someone is accepted. I don’t understand why OR do that, when a simple banner stating it is under application would suffice. Then anyone keen to stand in line could leave their contact details, in case an application is unsuccessful.


Hi Chris. I ditch those that send a deposit right away as theres almost always a problem with such keen behaviour. I manage the rent now process this way.

  1. All that view are advised that I will consider all applicants. If they want it, send a message through Openrent mail or text me. Do not hit the button to pay a holding deposit.

  2. I select the ideal applicant once I’ve closed viewings, from those that have confirmed they want it. I usually get over 25% saying they’d like to take it.

  3. I invite the applicant to hit the button & pay a holding deposit, then follow the Openrent instructions.

This way I get a 20 quid credit & identity check, contract done for me & money looked after until month 2 rent is due. Only then do I take over.

I’ve been doing it for years this way & it absolutely works every time. Dead easy.

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You obviously have it well organised Deborah.

Unfortunately, I’m living overseas and have to rely on an agent to view and vet the applicants, as a personal meeting and conversation is essential in my opinion.

I agree, Openrent provide a valuable service and very cost effective, if you’re able to handle the viewings yourself.

We never use Openrent beyond the marketing process, so always reject the rent now deposits, and handle that process ourselves.

I agree 10%

that was meant to say 100% , lol

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