Holding deposit & Referencing via Openrent


A couple of questions please.

  1. If I accept the 1 week holding deposit paid by a prospective tenant to Openrent, is it then mandatory to use Openrent’s referencing service and other services - contract drafting & digital signing etc. or can I still use my own preferred referencing service, contract drafting process etc.?

  2. Will I need to pay any fee to Openrent if I accept the holding deposit paid by the prospective tenant to Openrent?

A prospective tenant has paid the holding deposit to Openrent before viewing the property or speaking to me.

I have not yet accepted the holding deposit offered to me by Openrent and understand I have 96 hours to do so.

For previous tenancies I have received the holding deposit directly and used my preferred referencing service and drafted the contracts directly rather than via Openrent and would prefer to do the same now.

I have listed on Openrent using the (basic) £49 package and not subscribed to the ‘Rent Now’ option and do not wish do so.

Thank you.

Don’t accept a holding deposit from someone who hasn’t viewed your property. Did you give permission for them to place it ? .

Thanks David.

I haven’t given them permission to place a holding deposit.

I was surprised that the Openrent platform allows prospective tenants to place a holding deposit without an invitation or permission from the landlord to do so.

Unfortunately this is regular occurrence that many LLs have complained about but you are able reject the deposit.
A lot of LL advertise through Openrent but arrange deposit and tenancy agreement separately.

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