Getting Rerences From Outside OpenRent


I’m new to openrent and really like the principle of it.

I’ve decided to get my referencing done outside of openrent as I wanted somewhere that could provide a quicker service for a comprehensive check. (I’m not sure this will end up that way after all - but c’est la vie).

This means that I will move straight into the contract step and I’m worried that if I accept the holding deposit this will initiate a contract with the tenant. It looks as if this isn’t the case (the help box suggests that the contract is reviewable before being sent) but I want to be sure before I do it.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Also, I’ve not found any information on how to add external references, and acceptance of these if I want to use the RGI on operent.


Hi Jacky,

I can see you’ve since returned the holding deposits to the tenants - we’re sure you’ll find the right tenant(s) soon!

Just for anyone wondering, decisions on holding deposits need to be made within 4 days from when they are placed.

Where you opt to not use our referencing - which is totally fine! - the port of call would be to issue the contract, as you say. Here’s a sample of our tenancy agreement.

Amendments to the contract can only be made once it’s been issued. This ultimately doesn’t matter too much, as upon making changes to the contract, we’ll just issue a fresh one for signing (even if the tenants sign before you make any amendments!)

In terms of RGI, this is only available where you order comprehensive referencing through us. We have an article explaining how to be eligible for this in our Help Centre.

Any other questions, just let me know.


I have referenced tenants through OpenRent (RentGuard) and it is very speedy. On one occasion it was completed within 24 hours. Even a “difficult” case that we ultimately rejected was a max of 10 days which was caused by the applicants dragging their feet, not the agency. How quick do you need it to be ?

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