Holding Deposit - where to see amount paid?

I have a confirmation that the prospective tenant has paid the holding deposit but where can I see what the amount is? It says that a week’s rent is demanded but I don’t know whether it is a week’s rent based on my advertised price or the prospective tenant’s offer price.

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Hi Thomas, it will be a week’s rent calculated by the rent you set on your advert at the time the tenant placed the holding deposit.


I have the same problem. Prospective tenant says they paid days ago - but I’ve received no notification
She had to call OpenRent several times to complete the process, so I’m wondering if a button has not been pressed at their end?
I see nothing to confirm her payment on the website, I’ve received no email. It has delayed a contract and wasted days of rental for me.
I waited on hold on the phone twice to be cut off without answer.
Other than this, I’ve been really impressed.
What do I do next?! Very frustrating!
Thank you community.

Hi @Jonathan13,

Thanks for your post. I’ve looked at both currently available adverts you have with us, and can’t see any attempts from a tenant to place a holding deposit. So it seems the tenant is mistaken, or there has been some confusion somewhere else. Sadly it’s possible the tenant is misleading you.

I can see you’ve also emailed us alongside this post - so will provide more details via email to prevent private information being made public and we can take it from there.

Thanks, Daz.

Thanks for the reply Daz, very much appreciated.