House Viewings at my house

Hi, can someone contact me regarding a viewing as I have people arriving at my house which is not up for rent but is on your page and someone needs to provide me with a customer service number so I can speak to someone as its all day people have been turning up at my house.

It sounds like someone might be trying to perpetrate a fraud by pretending to rent your house.

If you go to the ad on Openrent and scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can report the ad as a first step.

Hopefully someone from Openrent might reply with further advice.

When you say your house isnt up for rent do you mean that
You are the owner and have NOT advertised it for rent or
You are a tenant and are not aware that the property is up for rent
If its the latter it may be worrh speaking to LL OR letting agents
If its the former then yes it looks like aomeone MAY be trying to con people using your property

Hi gary,

I own the house, lived here for years. The house is definitely not for rent. The pictures are not even of the property and if I was renting it then it would be with a site that I have heard of before.

There are loads of people arriving at my house looking to rent it and then getting sent away.

It is definitely a con as I have no reason to put the place I live in up for rent when I have no where else to go.

Yeah certainly sounds like a con make the local police aware and above all else be safe

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