Steps to rent a house

Hi i am looking for a house to rent, on a third party website i find a house. I canacted the landlord, he said he is with open rent so you guys doing all the prodedures. I was asking tge property link on openrent so i can book a viewing, he said give him my details he will do everything. My consern is rhat when i go on ur website i cant see/ find the property. Im really afraid it is a scam. I got a view request and the payment request from open rent. Can you pls explain how is work with your agency. So i have a clear picture of it, bedore i pay any money. Thank you for ur help. Kind regards

If youve had a payment request already then something is wrong. Stick to searching on the main portals and never contact the ones who advertise on Facebook etc.

not on openrent , forget it

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