Suspicious listing?

Hi, I’ve never rented off here but I’ve recently seen a couple of properties advertised that I’ve enquired about. However when I do, all I get is automatic replies in very broken english about an open viewing and meeting certain criteria (i know they’re automatic because ive had the same one about a few properties now). I don’t get a proper response if I ask further questions. In addition, the one I’m currently looking at was previously listed last week under a different name. Now I know it could be an agency/company with different landlords, but it doesnt fill me with confidence. Anyone seen this before/can advise how I should proceed? The property itself is exactly what im after

Did think about ‘renting now’ but doesnt seem wise without proper contact


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one thing is sure NEVER send any money

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Thanks Colin. That is part of the OR process at some point though right? And if they dont proceed/respond, you get it refunded? Or have I got that wrong?

some have been asked for money before a viewing and have paid it!!! ,<thru O R I am not sure of the procedure as it is a while since I put a property on it


No problem, thanks. Yeah OR has the rent now feature which is akin to making an offer. But obviously it’s done based off the idea a viewing and agreement is in place (that said, i know properties in both London and Manchester are going these days without viewings!)

without viewings is so very risky

IMO tenants should not click “Rent Now” without having first agreed it with the landlord. And preferably after viewing the property! As a landlord, I would not accept a holding deposit without a viewing AND prior agreement with the tenant, but of course that may not be the case for all landlords. If you do place a holding deposit through Openrent, it is automatically refunded if the landlord doesn’t accept it (they have 72 hours to accept/decline, or it is automatically sent back to tenants).

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Hi Mita, yeah I agree and I don’t think I will. But this property listing is so frustrating, when all they do is send automated/templated replies - I don’t see how anyone gets anywhere with them, and they can’t really be reported. The property itself looks fine.

Report advert to Openrent?

If it looks like one, sounds like one….then it usually is one…

Templates are typical of scammers, allows for easy replies in volume.

What’s the advert link?


If you are confident that a property listing is dodgy, you are able to report them. Assuming you are looking at the Openrent listing on a laptop browser, there’s a small link on the right hand side to report the listing. Unfortunately, demand for properties is super high at the moment, so I’m not surprised if landlords don’t have time to respond to all queries. You could try to make yourself stand out by including a short paragraph about your situation (job and income details / number of people / when you can move / how long you need the tenancy for, etc) If they don’t get back to you, I would just continue searching.



Thanks Mita. I’ve provided that on multiple occasions, but either get ignored or a message such as this, a lot of which doesn’t make sense (appreciate English may not be a first language but it’s odd). Mentions two double beds when it’s one. When I asked for further information about the viewing or if that was the only time, there was no response

Thank you for receiving the interest of viewing.

As many viewers have shown their interest and offer the different time, however, we would arrange you an open viewing in the peak time majority chosen as well.

An open viewing will be arranged at 16 Feb (Thu) 12:30pm. We will wait you at entrance at Barton Place on time.

We would confirm the attendance subject to you have replied basic background information as below:

  1. The update rental price is in £875.00.
  2. Planning and flexibility of move in schedule (It always take around two to three weeks time if you are justified in viewing)
  3. Profession with indicated stable source of salary. Without supporting source of income, number of upfront in rental is required.
  4. It is two double beds, please demonstrate the relationship as you have other family members and other partner with sufficient background information.
  5. No virtual viewing is acceptable if you cannot attend the viewing.
    6.No CCJ is acceptable.

If you do not reply the above condition clearly and cannot fulfil some requirements, the viewing is hardly arranged for you.

I remember reading somewhere that tenants can ask Openrent to chase the landlord for a response on their behalf. I don’t know how to do this but may be worth contacting Openrent about this.

To satisfy your curiosity you could attend, possibly its a last minute cancellation of viewings and an opportunity to secure it with a small deposit.

Thought about going round and knocking door in advance to speak with resident or neighbours?

Plus, if it were real, would you want this type of deranged communication with your landlord?

Does it appear cheap or below market value?


Cheers Mark. Haven’t attended so far, owing to a fear there will be no one there. But not sure how else they’d secure money. Payment as you speculated I suppose.

Thing is, I know the photos are legitimate - used to live next door (building wise). And they appear to have multiple listings, as did the previous poster, so I’m just wondering if it’s a questionable agency with multiple ‘profiles’. It’s about right market value wise.

As Mita said - should probably just avoid and move on. Shame, because property in that area is at an absolute premium

I must admit that I didn’t have the same feeling about the ad that others have had. Yes, its very poor English, but the content suggests its someone who has an understanding of landlord issues, which an out and out scammer probably wouldn’t. I would probably have attended with my guard up.

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Cheers David. It’s also appeared on rightmove/zoopla too, which could add to the legitimacy (unless that’s an option for any listing on here)

It is an option for listings on here, but Rightmove do require proof of ownership before they will list.

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Hadn’t realised there was a report feature as mentioned below. The pictures are legit, I know that much, but it’s the fact that another user (who I got an identical broken English automatic reply from) was advertising the same property last week.

previous ad under a different user (who gave the same address)

Has a different English name on both ads yet still broken English.
There’s only one way to know and that’s to attend viewing.
Never hand over any money until 100%.

Personally I wouldn’t even entertain it with such a poor response from them, how would it be during a tenancy?


I see, thanks David. Wonder if it’s just agency using multiple profiles