Housing Benefit Discrimination

Hi, my son and I are looking to move from Wirral to YorK, I grew up in York. We both have health conditions / disabilities (Fibromyalgia, Vision problems, Cluster Headache, Autism) and claim benefits. We wondered if Housing Benefit would be accepted towards payment of rent. This would be in accordance with the LHA and we pay the rest. We are also able to pay a deposit / months rent in advance. We have an excellent reference from our current landlord.

However, this does not seem to be enough as there is clear discrimination from the Landlords on here and letting agents in York. In July 2020 in York County Court it was ruled unlawful for Landlords and letting agents to reject people based on them claiming Housing Benefit. People are to be judged only on their ability to sustain a tenancy.

The fact that many advertised properties on here state ‘No DSS’ is UNLAWFUL, as is the practice of letting agents demanding that disabled benefit claimants must have a guarantor who can show that they have 36 x 1 months rent in their account, not many people will have that, particularly in these trying times. Note that it is only benefit claimants who must have a guarantor with this amount, which is clearly designed to prevent them from applying for properties.

I will not put up with being treated in this way and will be seeking legal advice.


ANYONE who applies for a rented property can be asked for a guarrantor. H B or working, it matters not. . the plain fact is that local councils are the devil to deal with and they apply the H B rules


I have not heard of this 36 x 1 months rent as guarrantor

It seems to be the standard requirement in York and many other cities. It;s ridiculous.

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they must have their own rules… But a guarrantor does have to earn a lot to pay their own expenses and possibly anothers rent… This applies to HB or employed tenants… but when you put the local council into the mix . I guarantee complications

We’ve never had a problem with HB. We are paid HB at the rate of the Local Housing Allowance through Universal Credit. We then have to make up the rest and transfer it into our landlords account within minutes.

There are a couple of very long threads on this issue on the forum Steve37. I suggest you have a read through them if you are interested in landlords thoughts on the matter.

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Thanks I’ll take a look, but regardless of a landlords thoughts on this matter, the fact remains that it is unlawful to state ‘DSS NOT ACCEPTED’ on advertised property.

That is the basis of the other threads.

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Good morning Steve!
Look two years ago I came to the UK.
Right now I am looking for a rental room.
But my question is what does HB mean?

I agree with Colin and also note they pay rent in arrears that is about 5-6 weeks. Most of then rental tenants have to pay rent in advance.

I don’t see why do you need to move the place now where your landlord accepts your housing allowances.

We always pay our rent early and in advance. My reason for moving is my own business, but if you must know -

This tenancy has been a nightmare for the both of us, before we moved in the landlord told us that the property had CCTV and a fully working intercom. Only after moving in did we discover it has neither. Despite numerous attempts to rectify this, the problem has never been fixed, and we’ve had to live out the last 12 months without an intercom system, which means we have missed deliveries of medical oxygen which I require on a monthly basis and grocery deliveries etc. Post is often days late as the postman cannot access the building. The lights on the stairwell often do not work and so a torch is needed to use the stairwell. This is a health hazard due to my vision problems.

We have limited furniture due to the fact that no companies or charities will deliver to the second floor. Each of us only has a bed in the bedroom and no furniture. The only other furniture we have is a table and chairs and a three-piece suite in the living room.