DSS Discrimination

So, I am trying to move from Morecambe to Scotland and I am coming across so many barriers in doing such, mostly to do with my situation regarding the fact I am on dss and because I have Asperger’s.

I am very very prepared to show I can afford it.
The council are giving me a dhp to help with deposits, 1st months rent and moving and letting agents and private get it mixed up with rent deposit.

I can’t get a guarantor, and no ways can I afford 6 months rent all I can get is a ref from current landlady.

Another issue I am getting is that the landlords expect you to move in asap with a dis regard for your current landlords notice but expected their previous tenants to give them notice.

Now I do understand why there are issues with dss tenants, so I’m not here to kick off but, are there any landlords or tenants that can give me advice, or point me in the direction of people or organisations that can help?


Sometimes the local Council.habe lists of landlords that accept DSS. In our area that list is incredibly short but it does exist.
There are guarantor companies that will act as a guarantor for a cost.
Are there any disability charities that could help you or the housing officer at the council if you have health problems?

The listings should have a date it is available from. If you cant move for at least a month it is better to avoid ones that are available now or in next couple of weeks. Landlords do wait for some tenants but as you are on dss it’s unlikely they will wait for you if they have other suitable applicants as it costs money to leave the property empty.

Hi thank you for your advice.
I’ve noticed where I wished to move to many places have got immediate on the availability status.
It’s infuriating the hypocrisy that’s constant in the sector atm

I can’t afford to use those companies
And shouldn’t have to either because of issues raised through prejudiced and discrimination.

I have phoned edinburgh and glasgow and neither have a lists they will hand out.

The charities tend to push you towards cab who the. Push you to shelter you then push you back to cab.
As I’m not homeless either council won’t help me at all

As Richard mentions, check the “availability from” dates on the listing. It may be the case where you may have to offer more flexibility around move dates and perhaps move earlier / later than you planned just to secure the property you want. Generally at the moment, there is high demand for rentals, and landlords have a large pool of applicants to choose from, so part of your challenge is how to increase your “appeal” to prospective landlords. From the viewpoint of a landlord, a prospective tenant would be positively received if they are open and willing to demonstrate affordability to private landlords, plus references from other landlords, and how the tenant has access to different financial support, and basically how this person is a “low risk” tenant. There are a lot of discussions already on this forum and elsewhere about perceived and real discrimination against those in receipt of benefits, and it’s definitely more complex than many people assume. Hope the above helps, good luck.

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Hi, thank you for your reply.
I agree that perceived and actuall discrimination are two differing things.
However when I’ve been told by someone that it’s an issue for the letting agents and the landlord then it is discrimination.
I found a form for letalliance which goes through the process of applications and refs and makes it clear that those on dss are subject to harsher checks

It s all down to affordability whether working or not, and risk of non payment.

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Hi, thank you for your reply, well I’m not working, disabled, have lived where I am for 6 and a half years, and afforded the rent eBay month since moved in infact was working when moved in. I have been on uc since July 2018 and have been able to afford to live here, not to mention paying over the lha for the last w years without issue,

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good man wish you success , I am able bodied tho in 70 s still go to work in my warehouse, never been on the “dole”. So its hard to imagine being disabled , as well as the mental effects of it

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All you can do is tell people that, show your landlord reference and bank statements with that evidence.

You will get a break eventually, but at the moment so many chasing each property it’s hard whatever anyone’s circumstances.

All the best to you in your search.