Reliable Tenants for Years with Guarantor

For over ten years and multiple properties, I have been renting as a single mum, with a job. I have a guarantor who has never been called upon and I am in receipt of Housing Benefit.

Until last year, I have never had a problem, EVER, with renting whichever property I needed to move into, but now I am not even allowed to view properties because landlords won’t allow me to view their properties.

In September last year, I was served a Section 21 and it is now May; my current landlord has started Court propceedings, and I have literally nowhere to go and no one who will let me view their properties. I had seen a few and when I informed them of my circumstances, they stop me from going further.

My two children and I will be turfed out of the house and onto the streets, with nowhere to live. We will not qualify for Council Housing, as I have been private renting, and we are not in the vulnerable catergory - my children are ‘older’ teenagers.

What do you suggest? I have a proven track record of good tenancy, but no landlord cares about that; they are guaranteed their money from me, as always, so what changed?

I am a landlord but can see both sides
It’s a horrible situation to be in my Ex daughter in law went through it. We stood as her guarantors when she was private renting.

Unless your children are over 18 and classed as adults i’m sure the council have duty of care
you may end up in temporary housing luckily she didn’t. But they eventually have to house you. What area are you looking in ?

Hi Lynn, I am guessing you have never been inside a council B&B; I have spent years supporting homeless people who have been placed temporarily by the council and these places come with a range of unpleasant circumstances - which the councils sadly ignore.

I am looking to rent in Edgware, Borehamwood, Stanmore and Hendon.

I am not so far away from you just over the boundary in Herts.

You’re searching in some of the most expensive and sought after suburbs unfortunately.
And with fewer rental properties to go round it’s getting harder for anyone looking to rent. I really hope you find somewhere soon.

Lynn, I have found many, many suitable properties…as I mentioned, no landlord will take us on - so suggesting I find somewhere soon isn’t the problem I am facing. . . .

was a reason given for wanting you out?

I can’t understand why, when you have a guarantor and a good rental history.
You come across as mature and responsible and I would certainly consider you If I had available property in your search areas.

Here’s hoping a fellow openrent landlord may read your post and be in a position to consider you.

Are you still paying your rent while your landlord waits for a court date ?
Surely you can understand why you are not an attractive prospect for future landlords ? Your landlord may well be in a dire situation too with all the onerous changes to taxation, legislation and interest rates. You are still in his/her property way past the time you should be and very probably at the cost of everyone’s mental health. Absolutely nobody is the winner here but there is no way I would consider you either.
I hope a solution can be found that comes somewhere near everybody getting what they need.

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Bit harsh when you don’t have the full facts.
I have been bitten by a tenant on benefits.
But I don’t assume all people on benefits are the same. Just as not all landlords are greedy and only in it for the money

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It’s not the being on benefits that is the problem here. It’s that this lady is forcing her landlord to take her to court.
One of my pre screening questions before I schedule viewings is “have you ever had court proceedings against you” so there is that automatic fail.
I see how these situations happen with more and more small landlords forced out of the game and the reduced availability of private rentals. But in a time of high demand, the applicants with no concerning rental history are going to be top of the pile.

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Steve, I continue to pay rent to my landlord; never missed a payment, ever. The reason the landlord wants to start court proceedings is because they want to turn this house that I’ve been living in for almost 5 years with excellent references, Into flats, like the other houses along the street. It’s landlords’ behaviour across the board That is not allowing me to move, and as I cannot afford to buy a place, I simply have to wait until other landlords recognise I am exactly the same level of reliability as anyone else who has been paying rent in the same vein as I have.

I hope that clears up the issue for you as to why the landlord feels it necessary to take me to court, It is landlords like you that are the problem for excellent tenants like me.


The main issue will be that housing benefit hasn’t increased in recent years and is therefore well below market rents which have increased a lot. With other cost of living pressures landlords are likely to feel there is a risk you wont be able to afford rent in future.

In addition if you have older teenagers your housing benefit entitlement will presumably reduce when they reach 18 or they may move out which may then mean property is too big. Landlords generally want long term tenants so may consider how long property would be suitable for you which could count against you.

If affordable to you then you could offer a few months rent upfront which some landlords like, other than that it is a case of persevering and be as flexible as possible on locations and properties.

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I am looking to downsize now, despite the fact that I am still able to afford a higher rent than what I am looking for. So far, none of the responses have shown that I am not a reliable or suitable tenant; keep going though, and you might find something - eventually - which has no relevance to the subject at hand! This is everything that’s wrong for good tenants. This attitude of landlords is forcing people to become homeless.

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The reality is each rental property has 50 plus applicants and can only be rented to 1 person/family. Most people get rejected for most applications. The lack of rental properties isn’t landlords fault…

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The prejudice and descrimination IS down to the landlords!!

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you are now becoming bitter The goverments have backed landlords into a corner with stuff too numerous to mention using my valuable time

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The landlords are stopping me from renting.

I was due to move into a property last November, and due to those tenants having nowhere to go - due to landlords not allowing them to rent elsewhere - that landlord had to let me down, and now I have nowhere to live. This begins and ends with the landlords; it’s very hard to feel sorry for people who own multiple properties, whilst many, many people need landlords’ help in order to rent. Call it bitter if you wish, but you sit in your ivory tower and blame it on the government, whilst you earn money from renting or a selling a house.

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i have worked as a joiner Invested MY money . Done it MY way I spent all MY earnings On buying places for my children and Investments. Do not feel sorry for me . I made the sacrifices and decisions . Some really good ones Why should we not earn money from renting? Now you come across as a person who known nothing about the housing situation but only your very narrow view

Veering off the topic now and into talking about yourself. You do you. I am well-aware of the issue that landlords are creating for potential tenants; I work for a company of chartered surveryor and have worked in social housing and property for many years; I do not need to justify the situation to you, who is part of the problem. Nuff said and heard from you, Colin3. I would like to read from people who are not illegally discriminating againg tenants; it has been unlawful to forbid tenants in receipt of Beenfits from renting, and yet it happens without shame.

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Well that escalated quickly :thinking:

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