How can you trace a tenants previous addresses?

I am seeking possession for providing forged guarantor and other documents. The tenants used a false address of a relative to avoid the Open Rent credit report finding the last possession order and unpaid rent or £9,000. Currently that landlord is now owed £10,500 with costs and interest. They have also lied about another CCJ for unpaid Council Tax at the same previous address in their court defence form.
Does anyone know how to find out their previous address before their last eviction?
I want to find out about any other CCJs or landlords they have defrauded.
It looks like they have moved around and used the same false address since 2016 and are in the Epsom, Surrey area.

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Did you undertake any referencing process before accepting them?

You could try a tracing agent.

The tracing agents I spoke to only said they could maybe find the last address, which I have from the last landlord they left owing thousands. He was given the same false address.

I used Open Rent credit check and it came back with the false address of a relative but was part of the false documents/information. The credit report showed the husband being employed as “Customer Services Manager” for Chancellors Estate Agents in Surbiton, and used the same address of the relative, so it matched the Open Rent employer check. The same false address worked with the last landlord who used a local letting agent. They got past a letting agent and then me.
They have used a false address in the Epsom area so maybe someone will know them.

In that case you need to query this with Openrent.

Maybe the electoral register will have a record?
Have you tried his name in Google? Sometimes brings up a few interesting things where criminality is concerned.

Sounds very similar to my tenant in Scotland.
I traced his previous addresses from doing a professional credit check. He owed thousands to previous Landlord and was evicted. However the Letting Agent is at fault for not doing enough checks. He owes my 7 months rent and I have been trying to get him out for 3 years. However you could try local authorities where he was listed for payment of Council Tax.

I had a similar situation.
The tenant provided false references. But his wife begged me to let the property to them. Which I did.
And of course the rent soon stopped. It took a year to evict them. And they wrecked the place before they left. Dishwasher, w/m, dryer, etc all had to be replaced. Umpteen letters arrived chasing them for debts, credit card payments, parking tickets, etc. etc.
So, never again.
From now on, I need guarantors, and Open Rent to perform checks.
There are some people in society who ruin it for everyone else.


Hi John,
I wonder if there is any bad tenants list in the UK (there is one in the US).

Part of the Open Rent reference checking is to check for CCJs.

A bad tenant list may not work. Suppose a good person found their way onto that list, perhaps through no fault of their own, or if someone mischievously added them to that list. What then?

Does the US bad tenant list operate well?