How can I warn Open Rent landlords of rouge tenants (and one of them is a letting agent!)?

I finally got possession of my house in April. I have rented properties for 30 years and this couple are exceptional for their deceit and history of ripping off landlords since 2016.

There are three Court Orders (so far that I am aware of), amounting to £20,000 of debt by this couple. There are other defrauded landlords where the same tactic is used of giving a false address in Epsom, Surrey of an elderly relative since May 2016, forging landlord references and even Guarantor documents and ID, damaging the property, and not paying the rent. By using the false relatives address the Court Orders are not found.

Where possible they use her maiden name and she claims to be a single parent and have no money when people pursue the bills. He was earning £100,000 according to their own documents and the Experian credit check, so the money is there, but they like to spend it on themselves.

I am going to email the local agents with the Court Orders for 2 landlords for Possession, but how can I try and stop Open Rent landlords from falling victim (that’s how I came across them)?

The Debtor is proud to list their work as an estate agents for the last 15 years (according to their Linkedin profile), and is currently the Assistant Manager of a branch in Colliers Wood, but they are trying to find properties in Epsom or close by.

As the Court Orders are in the public domain, can I simply name the couple, and give any information that I know and can prove is true that would help others from becoming their victims?

The last landlord and I have done three “Action Fraud” reports giving all the required evidence of fraud and forging documents and signatures of Personal Guarantees, and no response. I am contacting the Surrey Crime Commissioner to ask them to intervene.

They have even used forged screenshots from Lloyds Bank to claim they had paid their rent, and claimed they had paid £400 for “essential plumbing” in court documents that they sought me to pay, and it was all false.

I am told they have consistently not paid others including the Council Tax, gas and electric etc. However, they also took money for the deposit for Epsom & Ewell Council (that was awarded to the last landlord), and claimed housing benefit as an alleged single parent whilst the estate agent/husband/father was living at the same address. The council have asked for documents from me and the last landlord so maybe they are doing something.

Any advice appreciated.

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If theyve been convicted, you may be able to name them or link to the court record.

I can spot rouge tenants a mile off…


Hi David,
There are three Court Orders. Two are for Possession and owed rent for me and the last landlord, and the other is on record and is for unpaid Council Tax. As it is Civil Court there is no conviction as such, but a Court Order is a court record.

Probably not safe to name them then.