How do I request credit check on just the guarantor and not the prospective tenant?

I have two prospective tenants. They have been upfront and said they will need a guarantor as one will not pass credit check. I have references etc; but in terms of financial security I am only interested in the guarantor.

When requesting the credit check online, I can only select and see status updates for the prospective tenants. For the guarantor, it shows I’ve accepted them and I’ve ticked for credit check, yet it doesn’t show status and I’ve been charged £20 not £10 or £30. So now I think the OpenRent credit check is only checking the tenants.

I am sure it is just me being stupid. Has anyone else done this that can help me? Thank you.


Sorry to hear of the confusion here.

Please can you contact our customer service team on so we can look into this for you.

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