How do i use my own tenancy agreement on Open Rent

Hi - I have been successful in finding a tenant through Open Rent.

The tenant has placed a holding deposit on account.

They are also going to be providing references etc, via Open Rent.

This is all great. However, i want to use my own tenancy agreement once the reference checks have been completed.

Is this possible?


Are you sure your tenancy agreement is any good?

Why do you want to use your own?

I wanted to use a an agreement for a lodger not a tenant ( which appear to be the only option? )

Are you living in the same property? If not a lodger agreement is not suitable.

Open rent do have a ‘room only’ agreement option. I use this for HMO. Unsure if that’s suitable for lodger, as I’m not knowledgeable in that market.

If you want to use your own agreement, this won’t be via Openrent. Having used them for the tenant find & checks, now you need to make your own arrangements for tenancy signing, as you would normally.

Thanks Karl - This is what i have come realise. Your advice is much appreciated

I doubt if a room only ‘tenancy’ agreement is suitable for a lodger, but you can adapt one for that purpose. A lodger agreement needs to incorporate your house rules, as you must live there and share your facilities for them to be classed as a lodger.

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