How do student tenants fund their rent

although I have had a great many types of tenants I have never had a student who is in uni. I will do a reference check and get a guarantor. What i want to know is… Do students get an allowance for housing , if so how much is it? Or are they expected to fund themselves?

I’m a landlord through Open Rent AND a mum to a son at Uni. His student let (through an agency) has myself as his guarantor for the rent. I have been credit checked through the agency and had to provide proof of my income and ID. Students are expected to fund themselves but they get a grant dependent on income which is supposed to pay for rent. In my experience make sure you do a thorough inventory and schedule of condition when moving in students. I think that if you are marketing a property as a student let you are duty bound to provide a desk and chair to study.

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Thanks Sandra… was your student son credit checked or just yourself?

Just me - at 20 years old he is too young to have a credit history. Never had a credit card/utility bill etc.

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Got that it makes sense Thanks