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Hello, I am a Landlord however at the moment my student daughter is looking for a flat. I am interested in how other landlords vet and reference students. I accept students and then use a parent as a guarantor. My daughter applied to view an Open Rent property this week which had Student Friendly ticked in the advert. However she was then rejected because she cannot cover 30x the rent herself with her part time earnings. The LL does not want guarantors. So LLs, Do you take student loan value and use as income? Do you do this just for maintenance loan or whole loan? Do you take any parental factors into account? What else am I missing? Also anyone got a fab large 1 bed student friendly flat in Uxbridge coming up soon? Thanks

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She probably doesnt have enough money for a one bed flat. What about Student house-share?

so sorry, one cannot afford esp in that area although earning a decent salary.
Without guarantors students struggle to rent 1 bed/studio. I know in London, they do 1 Yr contract, take 6 month rent upfront, then 7th month another 6 month upfront. lot of the agencies do this in London. same in Oxford, so I imagine it can be done there too. She will have to give up on this property, plenty out there. However some areas in Cambridge are not nice. might have to keep a close eye and guide her.

I think I may have failed to explain sufficiently. It is not an issue of paying the rent because I’m paying the rent! It is an issue of getting through the computer checks.

Well then I suggest you apply as a joint tenancy but some landlords may still not go for it.

agree with David, but I know lot of students from China and Dubai rent out by paying upfront for the term thro agents there, 6 months at a time

I think you’re confusing Uxbridge (west London) with Oxbridge (fictional contraction of Oxford and Cambridge)

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