How does viewer make an offer?

A viewer saw the flat and would like to make an offer and asked how to make the offer and whether it is on a form like at the estate agents.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

If you are happy with them, invite them to press the ‘Rent Now’ button. Hopefully, you would have had conversations to satisfy yourself that they can afford etc.

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Thanks Karl11. I want to see what the offer is before going down the Rent Now button. I heard it takes the property off the market? The offer might be too low. Can they just email me?

I’m still showing the flat and have viewings tomorrow.


Forgot to add we’ve had no discussions regarding their jobs/salaries etc. they came to view the flat and that’s it.


Wait till all have viewed

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Thanks Colin.

I want to do all background checks and then accept offer

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You need to screen the applicants before viewings. Find out information about income etc and their current situation. They might not be able to afford it or have just been evicted for non rent payments.

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You’ve advertised the property for a price. Pre-screen your applicants, do viewings, pick your tenant of choice, invite them to rent-now, then do referencing.

Personally, I have the exchange with them (via Openrent advert messaging) regarding their job, affordability etc before selecting who will get a viewing, and then discuss this further to clarify points at the viewing. By the times the viewing is over, I know what they are offering if they decide they would like to apply for the property.

Without doing this, you could be hosting many viewings for people who you wouldn’t want to accept as tenants anyway.

I suggest you go back to them to have these discussions to establish if you want to proceed further with them, in which case you will then invite them to ‘rent Now’ and do referencing.

To add, presumably they will be offering your asking price. If they are not, you need to have this discussion with them. Openrent does not provide any facility for applicants to make offers for rent higher or lower than advertised.


Karl this is so helpful. I assumed there would be negotiations like with a estate agent.

I will tell the applicant to email me the offer and will discuss background. I have a feeling they will be offering a lower price and will expect me to negotiate down. I set the price higher just because of this

How do you feel about the referencing on open rent? Is it a quality 3rd party they use? This is the most important for me and I want really good background checks and was going to pay 3rd party who is very good at it- used by my old estate agent.

Thank you David appreciate it

Openrent use Rent guard for referencing

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Obviously, they can make you an offer etc. They would do that via messages. That’s no difference from through an estate agent.

Don’t just look at the offer. Look at their income, how long they were in the previous place, jobs, suitability in other aspects and your feeling about them.

Then check their documents before you invite them to do “rent now”

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When you refer to an “offer” it suggests a negotiation of the rent. If anyone ever offers to pay extra to secure the tenancy, turn them down and reject them as a tenant.

Donagh. Why? If you were selling a property, would you not accept offers? Why not accept offers for rental.

Note: I’ve never done it or even had the situation to need to consider it, but I doubt I would turn it down if I was otherwise happy with the tenant choice.


Because a potential tenant who is either trying to negotiate a lower rent, or is offering to pay more than the asking rent in order to secure the tenancy is more than likely going to screw you over in the end. They don’t respect you for it. They will almost certainly be a poor tenant .

Sorry, Donagh, I think you might be stereo-typing a little there.


No apologies necessary. You’ll eventually work out that when you ask more experienced people for advice and they give it to you, it’s generally wise to pay attention. In the meantime, I hope you have good insurance, you’re gonna need it.

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i sell a building product that is in a fair bit of demand .I am always being asked “how much if I buy a lot?” I say same as if you buy one . They may ask again . I tell them if they ask a 3rd time I will not sell them anything… I have tho never been offered rent below what I have advertised at. Everyone wants to buy something at a cheaper price . I bet landlords are no different

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Is a letters market at the moment. No need to accept lower offers unless its a hard to let property.


Actually, most recently when i let a property i made it clear to the applicants that i would offer the place to the person who 1) had all the evidence of income/stability etc. and 2) gave me the best offer.

Left me with a tenant paying 6 months up front, great savings, and £50 over an (already high) asking price.

So rejecting someone for either asking for lower rent or offering higher rent is a bit redundant.