Viewings/ multiple offer process


We put our property up on OpenRent and had several viewings scheduled today and some in the coming week.

Someone who viewed the property today has now put an offer in and it has taken the flat off the market.

We thought that multiple offers could be made before the property was taken off? Is anyone able to help clarify?

We responded to enquiries and arranged viewings but I don’t know if this is something that could have been/ should have been done through the open rent site.



Hi James, very happy to explain the process for this!

It sounds like your situation is this:

  • you have multiple tenants you want to consider for your property
  • you then want to reference them and ultimately accept one tenant’s offer

If this is what you want to do then:

  • you just need to cancel the offer from the tenant who pressed the ‘Rent Now’ button on your advert. You can do that from your dashboard
  • in the explanation box, write that you wish to proceed with standalone referencing, as opposed to referencing within the Rent Now process
  • you can then order standalone referencing on that tenant and all the other tenants you want to reference
  • when the results come through, you can choose a tenant to go with, and invite them to click Rent Now on your property
  • then, when you get the options on how to proceed, choose to skip referencing and go ‘Direct to Contract’
  • you are free to recover the cost of referencing from the successful applicant to a maximum of £20 per tenant

More info here:

Hi OpenRent,

Love this system, but would recommend for this process of multiple tenants to be made easier and more streamlined. For example keeping the property online, but mentioning “under offer.”

I found the multiple tenant process quite cumbersome.


yes I want to have two or three ideally tenants on the go to protect me from time wasters / drop outs



Complete noob accidental landlord new to OpenRent here; I’m impressed with how quickly I’ve managed to let my property.

I had some great responses, and find the system (autoresponse and enforced questionnaire) does a lot to help filter out the bad ones!

I agree this could be a lot better though.

I’d agreed to reference multiple potential tenants concurrently and they were all fine with that.

However, after proceeding with referencing the first one, the listing was closed and sent a message to all the others telling them I’d gone with someone else!

I then could not find a way to reference the others!

Luckily, they were cool with it because I’m in touch with everyone on WhatsApp, but this was annoying to say the least.

OpenRent have also lost out on the revenue they would have generated from the references (2 tenants and a guarantor for each applicant as I’m super risk averse and motivated to find the best tenant ASAP to cover my costs) so its clearly bad for them too!

Glad to know its not just me having problems!

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