How long does it take to put a 'To Let' board up?

I listed my property last Thursday and received an email saying a board would be put up. Any idea How long this usually takes? I am not getting may enquires and my property in next to a main line station so I feel a board would be very useful. Thanks

On my first place with openrent a board went up in just a few days

Really- I didnt know a board would go up. I have had a property listed for about 5 weeks and no board. Is this an extra that you need to pay for?

Hi all, to let boards are only available in certain areas at the moment:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool

Most landlords want them. In some areas, we are prevent from rolling out to let board coverage because of local rules or a lack of providers in the area.

If your property is in a supplied area, you will receive an email giving you all the details on how the board getting to your property. You can edit your to let board settings at any time if you no longer wish to have one.

Hope this helps!


Jayne 2 you could get a TO LET board made youself and put it up. I had a double sided one made the size of an estate agents board for under £20. Printed out by an amazing machine in just 5 minutes. Reusable

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