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Openrent Let Agreed - How long does this stay?

Hi all,

I have previously listed a 5 bed property which wasn’t very successful with letting as most enquiries were from students who wanted the property in around 6 months time rather in 1 month or so.

I therefore removed the ad and it has been listed on Openrent as ‘let agreed’.

I would like to re-advertise the property using the same photos/credentials etc but instead list it as a 4 bed instead where I know the property will let much quicker, albeit at a slightly lower rent.

My question is, how long does Openrent take to remove ‘let agreed’ properties as they have stated that let agreed properties are removed after a ‘certain amount of time’ which is a bit like saying how long is a piece of string!

The reason being is that I don’t want confusion getting in the way, as people may start asking if the property is a 4 or 5 bed property and then I have to start explaining. Prevention is better than cure so it’s best to get shot of the old ad first before putting up the new one

Any help appreciated.