Openrent Let Agreed - How long does this stay?

Hi all,

I have previously listed a 5 bed property which wasn’t very successful with letting as most enquiries were from students who wanted the property in around 6 months time rather in 1 month or so.

I therefore removed the ad and it has been listed on Openrent as ‘let agreed’.

I would like to re-advertise the property using the same photos/credentials etc but instead list it as a 4 bed instead where I know the property will let much quicker, albeit at a slightly lower rent.

My question is, how long does Openrent take to remove ‘let agreed’ properties as they have stated that let agreed properties are removed after a ‘certain amount of time’ which is a bit like saying how long is a piece of string!

The reason being is that I don’t want confusion getting in the way, as people may start asking if the property is a 4 or 5 bed property and then I have to start explaining. Prevention is better than cure so it’s best to get shot of the old ad first before putting up the new one

Any help appreciated.


Did you ever get a response on how long the let agreed stays on? I’m wondering the same thing
Many thanks

This was the response from Openrent which was about as clear as mud on getting a specific answer!

There is no set time a particular property will last as ‘let agreed’ on our site.

The rules governing this are dynamic and depend on the activity in the local market.

We can, however, override this and I have now ensured that the advert will not display in tenant searches.