How long is a normal completion date


So when you purchase a house u pay for the solicitor to go through it etc how long roughly is the completion date to when you can put it with the estate agents? Is it months etc or weeks or even days?

My landlord is still waiting on his solicitor etc before we can move into our property hes saying he needs to confirm everything but its taking a fairly long time he said hed contact us with a completion date?

Hi Rhyce,
Completion is just that, it will be his then and he can give it to the estate agent the same day.
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Then i dont see why its taking soo long…

Its still with the solicitor does it normally take 2-3-4 weeks for it to be signed over etc?

Hope you and your family are okay


I have bought a place that took 4 weeks , another took 12 weeks You never knowwhat is found as a problem

Well the only thing now is the completion date.

We have the Mortgage and thats paid off now its just the solicitor to finalise the deal.