How long to wait for tenant to upload reference info?

On Sat we agreed to let to a tenant who then did pay the holding deposit. We were fortunate to be able to choose from a few interested parties. Tenant to be has now said they want to see the place again but hasn’t said when. They have not uploaded any docs for the credit checks. I am keen to get the place let and have a niggling feeling that this tenant is faffing/ getting cold feet.
Shall I give them until tomorrow and then return the deposit or are you more patient than I am?!

In my experience, serious tenants are just as equally keen to get the tenancy agreement sewn up as a landlord. Ask them what the delay is in providing referees (should have these to hand as normally employer and current landlord) and if no concrete response within 24h, offer to another potential tenant after returning holding deposit. That’s my suggestion

This is what I thought. I will call them this evening and see where the lay of the land is.

I always use a referencing agency. They have a time limit on these things and will fail them. Its much easier and worth every penny. If they fail the referencing you cannot get rent guarantee which I always have again is a couple of hundred but worth every penny. No rent insurance no tenancy.