I have no landlord reference for the past year, is this an issue?

Hi there,

Currently just paid the holding deposit as a prospective tenant. Now the past year I have not been in rented accommodation as a tenant as have been living with a combination of friends/family.

Now I note I can put ‘living with friends/family’ as an option and it more or less ‘skips’ requesting a reference. Just wondering how much will this count against me? Am I likely to have a ‘fail’ against rental history for this, and not giving a landlord/agent reference?

Prior to this year I rented for many many years, and my last tenancy ended about a year ago so quite recent but I can’t offer to use this as a reference instead since it only asks about my current address.

What is the best way to proceed, just submit the reference as is and wait to see if it passes or fails and take it from there? Or should I contact the Landlord and explain the situation and offer to try to get a previous reference if they need one (assuming I can get one, but I assume it will be fine and I have had no issues in my previous places)

Thank you.

Tbh I take a LL reference with a pinch of salt as a LL will give a bad tenant a good reference just to get shot of .
I would get all your bank statements and last rent payments and I have a number of tenants who do a clear score app which shows their credit score , employment references are also good

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