How to pay the deposit using a non UK bank account?

How to pay the deposit using a non-UK bank account?


I also have this problem. I’m a landlord and I sometimes rent to people coming from overseas, who do not yet have UK bank account. Queried with OpenRent but they are saying UK bank transfer or debit card are the only options. Did you find a way around the problem?

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Tenants do need to have a UK registered debit card to place a holding deposit on the property. It’s become easier for tenants to set up an account quickly in the UK, thanks to the rise of so called “Challenger Banks” such as Monzo, Revolut and Metro etc. If that’s not an option for a tenant then they can also use a card belong to a friend or family member (with their permission).

Tenants have a few more options when it comes to paying the security deposit (which is payable after the contracts have been signed). For the security deposit, we can accept payments from a non-UK account - full details are shared with tenants once the payment is due.

Hi Beth, knowing how ‘hot’ the rental market is, it is clear that tenants can not set up an account that quickly with a bank. I had a suitable tenant with me who wanted to place the deposit immediately after viewing, but was not able to do so. Asking if a friend can do it seems unprofessional on my part, and often not possible for someone who has just arrived in the UK. It feels like possible discrimination for me to insist that only a UK card can be accepted.

I have asked OpenRent several times but had no answer on WHY the UK card is required. Some of my tenants are overseas students who, quite reasonably, want to arrange accommodation before they arrive. They usually cannot get a UK account without a UK address, so chicken and egg situation.

I had not previously been aware that there would be a problem without a UK debit card.
I will need to find another agent for my next let which is a shame, because I liked OpenRent up to now.


We moved into a non-openrent property and they were able to accept the holding deposit and all fees from non-UK source. Our savings are still abroad and it’s not uncommon for us to make payments from an overseas account and it’s never been an issue.

Its definitely an oversight, and a discriminatory one, on Open Rent’s part.

I do not believe it’s discriminatory in a legally protected manner (so as a landlord you shouldn’t be liable), but it’s inappropriate all the same.

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Thanks Ryan, I agree. Still no word from OpenRent about why they are insisting on UK card for holding deposit, but accepting overseas funds for security deposit. This needs changing please OpenRent!

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