How to make Holding Deposit

Hello there
I am trying to put down a Holding deposit on a property that I viewed and liked. But, openrent is only giving the option of paying with a UK Debit card. There is no option of doing a bank transfer or ability to use a non-UK debit card.

I opened my bank account this week and debit cards are still in the mail. Is there anything I can do to put down my holding deposit without having a UK Debit card?

Thanking you in advance.

Can you speak to the Landlord and do it directly to him rather than openrent

Oh is that an option? I thought everything will have to go through OpenRent. Is it not?

I do it all directly

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Hi Shamjeer,

When using our tenancy creation service, Rent Now, which allows landlords and tenants to conveniently and easily create the tenancy agreement and safely handle all funds, holding deposits need to be placed using a UK debit card. If this is not possible, typically tenants will use a UK debit card belonging to a friend or relative in the UK to make payment.

I apologise we cannot take your payment at this time. Please do let us know if we can help with anything further by sending us a message.


Thank you for the response.
How about the full deposit after signing contract? Can that be paid using UK bank transfer? By then I should have my Debit card…but just asking will there be a bank transfer option for that. Thanks.

It can all be paid direct if you wish.