How to rent flat in Ashington

Hi guys
I bought terraced house last year in november in Ashington (Im not local) . House is split (its still single title ) as 3 bed and 2 bed flat . The 3 bed flat is empty for about 6 months :open_mouth: It had some viewings + I had some potential tenants but it always felt through. Flat is in good/ok condition .
At the moment 2 bed is rented so Im not losing money but Im not making any money either which is not great .
I think tenant in 2 bed flat is moving out soon so I will need to find someone asap .
Can anyone recommend solution ? Do I just wait or do I keep lowering rent until I find someone ( its 415£ pcm ) ?
Any recommendations are appreciated.


Have you done any market research on scale and nature of demand; rent levels etc? 3 bed flats will always be harder to let as they are competing with houses, which tend to come with outside space and more convenience.

I haven’t really done much research tbh which I should have done . There is shared garden with 2 bed flat and I believe it is priced correctly now.

You could accept pets. Sorry Colin :rofl::guide_dog:

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