How to rent without a job?

Hi. I’ll be as shortly as possible. I’m living in uk from may 2019 in a flat with one bedroom. I’ve worked from the beginning till the moment that i had a baby ( she’s 1 year and 6 months). I have some savings and my monthly income it’s universal credit. I’m a single mom. Soon I’ll start a new job.
The problem is that i need a house with 2 bedrooms but I don’t know how to rent it without having a job? Do you think the agency could accept me if I’ll pay some months in advance? How should i put the problem? Should i call them and say exactly how’s the situation or better meet the agents and after discuss about this
Thank you in advance for answers.

all you can do is be upfront with your situation. Months in advance will be a help , even better will be a guarrantor


If you are going to be successful, in my experience, you need to stay within the housing allowance if you should be unlucky enough to find no job or low-paying job.

Two tips are:

  1. Try and find cheaper flats (possibly with garden) where you can pay more up front and have lower monthly outgoings
  2. Wait until you have had a steady job and the child in nursery for a few months to be able to show a prospective LL that you can in fact afford it