Help and advice please

I’m new here and new to wanting to rent on my own. My situation is quiet complicated as at the moment I am in my ex’s military house that he left last Nov. I have been here with my son with additional needs since he walked out and left.
As things are going to normal with regards to Covid, that means the military are now seeking position of the house which will mean we have to leave. The military don’t let a family sign a tenancy agreement as it is just for family accommodation.
I phoned Citizans Advice and they advised me to sign upto universal credit and approach my local housing which I have.
I just really worried as the stigma about universal credit renting is poor, and you’re looked down on as unreliable so it seems. It’s not actually people’s fault we are in this position to have to seek additional help or if someone had a medical condition. I have looked online for renting and there are some lovely houses, but I don’t know anything about renting with universal credit. I do have savings I could give 4 months rent, or have a guarantor, but I work part time around my son who’s 4. Any advice given would be appreciated.