How to resolve this issue

Hi I have a property rented out on a short term tenancy agreement with a clause to say the tenants can’t end the agreement until after 6 months.
Due to a change in circumstances I need the property back a.s.a.p .
Can anyone advise me on my rights

You can’t serve notice until at least day 1 of month 5, so the first 6 months are guaranteed regardless of contract. Even then, if the tenants don’t leave on expiry of the notice, it will likely take a further 6-12 months to evict them.

I suggest you negotiate and offer a generous relocation sum. If they decline, you will have to just rent somewhere.

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Thankyou for your response.


The interesting thing here is if you had a break clause that the tenants couldn’t give notice but the LL could it would be null and void as it is not fair.

So be careful with break clause as they are often unenforceable if poorly written or unfair.

Thanks for your response
No break clause in the tenancy agreement.