I can’t connect my bank account with the reference check

Hi guys !! I just wanna ask for help regarding the reference check. My boyfriend has Amex credit card and apparently we can’t connect this bank for the reference background.
Also, even me when I tried to connect my bank , just didn’t work and a page seems like “error” I even took a screenshot about that to send it to the landlord.

I’ve been worried about and I sent an email to the landlord with bank statements but he asked if I could try again to do the reference check as he needs the approval .
I’ve tried to back again to the link but seems like I’m not able to remake it again once it’s done.

I would like to ask for some help or what should I do ? Can I try again to connect my bank account or it’s done?!
We really love the flat and we have everything ready for it but I understand the landlord needs the reference check approved before we move on and sign the contract.

Thank you so much guys.

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