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I don't have a UK NUMBER yet

Dear everybody,

I don’t have a UK number yet.
I am looking for a house like this one ( £900 p/m (£208 p/w) - [Studio Flat, Hartington Road, BN2] because the 15 th of November I’ll start working in Brighton.
I am not able to contact the landlord because I don’t have a UK number, what could I do in the meantime?


Forcing people to have a UK number is supposed to be a security measure to establish your identity and block scammers. The irony is that global scammers know how to get a UK number within minutes. The first thing a dating fraudster does is get a UK number for example.

Genuine would be tenants meanwhile are discouraged.

It’s a meaningless security measure though it probably does reduce the ‘noise’ that landlords get from speculative contacts.

You can rent a UK mobile number from a variety of providers, here’s a random one:

Note: This forum converted my simple link to look like an advert - that’s not what I wanted but it seems I can’t control the appearance.

I have no connection with this company and have never used them. But have used similar services in the past for business where I didn’t want to give out my home number.

A lot of people will want to reply to this suggestion with ‘why should I have to pay for this/too expensive/it’s unfair’ etc.

If your goal of making genuine contact with UK landlords while following silly rules matters enough to you, then a temporary pseudo UK phone presence will be worth your money.