Tenant hasn't got a UK phone number and can't pay his deposit

I have an enquiry for 1 month rent from Russian people who want’s to rent my place in London. They say they cannot pay the deposit has they haven’t got a UK phone number. They’re asking if there’s another option … Odd or not ?

Hi @Fabrice -

I recently responded to a similar query from a tenant from India here, which might be helpful:

Ultimately, yes, we do have some security features to reduce fraud in the rental process, and verifying tenants are in the UK with a UK bank account is one of the lines of defence.

If your prospective tenant is in the UK, they should be able to pick up a UK phone number and bank account trivially, but worth noting the other obstacles I allude to in my previous post (like passing referencing) which may or may not be a concern for you if they are new to the UK.

If your prospective tenant isn’t in the UK, and hasn’t viewed the property, then we’d urge caution to both parties due to the elevated risks involved. Sadly, our systems can’t set up the tenancy for you in this case due to the financial risks involved.


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red flag right there. walk away

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Will do, thank you ! It seems they’re on all existing websites possible these lot

yes very odd… There is a shortage of properties esp in London. I took risk on immigrants it was a nightmare! all the rent I made I’ve lost in massive refurb costs. No credit checks passed also means you cannot claim on insurance too!

Sorry to hear that ! Frustrating that you have them on Facebook, Vinted, openrent ! Everywhere really

Had a couple of Russians once it really was a bad experience.

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you are right to walk away. You may be breaking the law renting to them as it is your responsibility to ensure they have the right to rent. You also are unable to credit reference them and commercially that is the first thing to do

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How much money do you want to lose - that should give you your answer!

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