I need to add my Tenants wife to the tenancy agreement

My Tenants moved in on 17/12/20 on a 6 month contract,they are a married couple and their 2 children, they are from Romania,Mr.Rau came over to a job offer in a local school,his 2 kids go to local schools. Only Mr.Rau’s name is on my tenancy agreement not his wife.
She has had a letter from the Home Office asking for proof of residency within the next 7 days for her settled status application,so, I would like to add her name to the tenancy agreement backdated to 17/12 can anyone tell me how this can be done?

You can’t do either of those things. You would need to end his tenancy and start a new one with both parties with all the required paperwork reissued. I would not recommend this. As the spouse of the tenant she has pretty much the same rights as the tenant himself under family law anyway, so it’s not necessary. I suggest you write a letter to whomever it may concern stating that you are aware that she has been living with the tenant at the property as husband and wife since xxxxx and is a permitted occupier.

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