Who needs to sign the contract, all adults lives in?

Hi, everyone,
I would like some advice about this. I have a property to rent and the positive talent has just arrived the UK and started work here for a month. He has Tier2 working permission for 3 years. His wife will join him a month later. When I sign the contract with the talents, should I put both of their names on the contract? Or, only the man who pays the rental need to sign currently? Can I add his wife on the contract later on? And advice would be appreciated. Many thanks,


Take it one step at a time.

  1. Put only his name on the tenancy.
  2. When his wife arrives the tenant should apply to have his wife’s name on the tenancy. And go through necessary process and checks. Then they can both sign an amended tenancy agreement that reflects both their names.

I had a similar situation and that’s what I did.

Thank you very much!