ID1 or or ID5 - Identity verification

Hi All,

Where can I get ID1 form done at a reasonable price?

It should cost £30 or under like someone mentioned on the chat but solicitors etc seemex to want £150 which is way too much.

Due to the pandemic ID verification is possible over the web but with an ID5, I think.

Looking for soneone to do this around Birmingham.

I did my own and presented at the Land Registry. Pre-Covid of course.

The ID5 is what the legal/solicitor/conveyancer needs to provide to you if they have to verify your ID over the internet.

Have you called the Land Registry? They may be prepared to verify you over the internet. Or I believe they can give permission for another type of profession to verify.

If not maybe a conveyancer would be cheaper than a solicitor?

Or keep trying until you find one at the right price. They vary enormously.