Proof of address / right to rent

Hi guys.

So I’ve been served a section 21 and need to look for a new property, but stupidly my provisional has my old address not my current as I forgot to update it, I don’t drive so I never really used it and totally forgot - will this still be accepted to prove I have a right to rent ( British citizen etc) and for my proof of address I have a polling card sent to me with my current address, I have asked for an email from my employer confirming my address and details etc, and can get a bank statement printed showing my address - I do have a passport but it went out of date in 2016 and takes a very long time to get a new one.

I also have my current tenancy agreement but it was only written up as a 6 month tenancy and the 6 month agreement ended in FEB this year and turned into a rolling contract.

I’ve also applied for a citizen card which on their website says can be used for applying for jobs and accessing housing etc

Would you say all these documents would be enough proof for myself ?

Thanks for any help !!

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you can get a passport faster than that if you really need one. I’ve done it myself.

Search online for landlord right to rent checks and you’ll find all the documentation that’s accepted.

Get your provisional changed I know u say you dont drive however should you get asked for ID its always handy
On that note what ID are you using to vote as u will have to show photo ID can u use that as proof
This is the trouble ive found these days people amd SOME organisations still ask for proofs of address i.e utility bills but very few people i would imagine have a hard copy utility bill