Tax returns between my husband and I

Hi. I jointly own a rental property with my husband, we are both employed (hubby fulltime and myself part-time). This is our first year of submitting our rental tax returns. I am just looking for advise as to how to divide the rental income and expenses between us for tax returns.

Any advice would be appreciated.


You divide both costs and income in line with your percentage ownership of the property. If you own it as joint tenants, then you would each own 50%. If its as tenants in common, then it would depend on the percentages that you specified when you bought it.

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Thanks David. Its owned as joint tenants but we are looking at changing it to tenants in common as hubby is on the high tax band. We would like most of the income to come to me.

For husband and wife, it’s automatically a 50/50 split, no matter what the ownership, unless you actually own it in different ratios and file an election on form 17 with HMRC. TSEM9814 - Property held jointly by married couples or civil partners: The 50/50 rule: 50/50 rule and exclusions - HMRC internal manual - GOV.UK

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