Information about prospective tenants

Having recently used OpenRent for the first time, I found it an excellent platform for finding tenants. However, I did notice that the enquiries and viewing requests I received in the first couple of days were the most helpful, and generally included a message from the tenant introducing themselves. After a couple of days, most enquiries contained little information - sometimes I got a viewing request without even the name of the person. Other enquiries came with an audio message which was very unclear, and only gave a phone number as a means of contact. I’m guessing this is possibly because the first few enquiries came through the OpenRent website itself, then enquiries from other sites with different types of contact form started kicking in.

My experience is that there is no difficulty with the volume of enquiries (if anything, there were too many!), but if there was some way to improve the quality of the initial contact and/or encourage the tenant to give as much information as possible, that would be helpful. This might be done, for example, by allowing the landlord to choose sites they DON’T want advertising to go out on, or stating on the advert itself what information the tenant should give, but there may be other ways as well. I just wonder if anyone else has a similar experience or other suggestions on this matter.


Those who dont give enough info at the begining, are generally chancers and not worth the bother

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I had exactly the same issues as William9 with my lastest advert. Not had them before. Two tenants who finally managed to contact me by phone had replied online and I didn’t receive their messages.